2018 Thor Compass 23TR RUV, mini Class C, Ford Transit 350HD Diesel

My enjoyment in life comes from designing and building certain things which others don't typically do, then using and enjoying the hell out of them. That includes creating, building and improving on complex stuff, like restoring RV's, Boats, Houses, Emergency Communications Trailers, Trebuchets, High Security Locks, high power Rockets, Drones, Ham Radio projects & lots of other stuff fun I'm interested in.  Aside from family first, that's the well I draw satisfaction from!

Thor Compass 23TR           Some Improvements I've made or added

* Drone launch platform

* StowAway cargo carrier on swing hitch

* Rear storage and sewer tubes

* Sewer hook up significant design improvements

* 12v/USP port and 12v crock pot set up when driving

* In hatch LED lighting

* Antenna mast system, weatherized SO-239, routing and power  

* 2m/440 Nikoia hood antenna and routing

* Rear hatch system, LED, power takeoffs

* Network improvements, Fire Stik, Blue Ray, WiFi and Cell 

* Rear slide lighting improvements

* Rear License plate addition on slide out

* Tire Sensors