Cape Dory 14'.  Gunther rigged with 2 spoon oars, I sailed this open boat on adventures each summer without a motor, sleeping on beaches and islands at night 

Sea Duced, a 14' runabout with a 24hp motor

The Leisure 17 is a seagoing cruiser. The sea-keeping abilities of the yacht were proved by John Adams, who crossed the Atlantic with his Leisure 17 in 1967 within 32 days. see  see

Mine was "Continuity", a Tylercraft T17 from Oakdale, Long Island NY.  Is double meaning name referred to the large array of electronics I had on so small a vessel.  I sailed this boat throughout the LI Sound.

Catalina 27 "Halcyon"

Boating Projects

My enjoyment in life comes from designing and building certain things which others don't typically do, then using and enjoying the hell out of them. That includes creating, building and improving on complex stuff, like restoring RV's, Boats, Houses, Emergency Communications Trailers, Trebuchets, High Security Locks, high power Rockets, Drones, Ham Radio projects & lots of other stuff fun I'm interested in.  Aside from family first, that's the well I draw satisfaction from!

T17 "Continuity:, an English bilge keel boat

I've been in and out of boating my whole life and I've restored some boats to perfect condition and with many enhancements. 

I've owned Cape Dory's, Tylercraft, Glasspar, Catalina and some others. These are pictures of the boats, but not all are of my exact boats.